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Caffeine Powder

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  • Caffeine Powder improves mental alertness and performance.
  • Relieves drowsiness and creates a feeling of wakefulness.
  • Commonly known for its diuretic properties .
  • Caffeine increases heart rate.
  • It maximise training time by improving the amount of energy you have.
  • Used in analgesic treatments (painkillers) for a reduction in the severity of headaches.
  • Caffeine Has weight loss properties as it increases the rate of lipolysis which is the breakdown of lipids (fats).

Information on Caffeine Powder

What is Caffeine Powder?

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system (CNS), having the effects of temporarily removing the feeling of tiredness and creating a more alert and awake feeling. Caffeine Powderis the most widely consumed psychoactive substance throughout the world, but unlike many other such substances it is considered a legal substance.

It is consumed by those who wish to stave off drowsiness and feel more alert and awake, but it also acts as a mental stimulus which creates a faster and clearer thought process, an increase in the ability to concentrate and focus as well as better general body coordination. These effects are what attract those involved in sports and training to taking Caffeine, although many non-active people also consume Caffeine Powder for the aforementioned benefits.

Caffeine Usage, Dosage and Side effects.
How Caffeine is best consumed by placing the desired amount into empty capsules due to the bitter taste. It can be added to foods and drinks though as an alternative option.
When Caffeine is suitable to take throughout the day, but it is advised to avoid taking before sleep due to its stimulatory effects.
Dosage The recommended daily allowance for it is 300mg to 400mg. This can differ depending on tolerances to Caffeine Powder after regular use.
Side Effects It can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, feeling jittery and faster heart beat if over consumed. Intoxication is possible, but extreme amounts need to be consumed.


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